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My name is Bret Dodson I'm a veteran, passionate athlete and most importantly I am a fulltime single Dad to an amazing little girl! BJolly Lotion is a High Quality CBD lotion that can help ease your aches and pains and get you Feeling Jolly! In treating my own aches and pains I could never find a product that actually worked, and being a Grower for over a Decade I knew I needed to make my own! A huge reason why my lotion actually works is because I use High Quality Hemp Roots!! That’s where all the healing properties are and Zero THC! Combine that with High Quality CBD Isolate, coconut oil, and beeswax you get an amazing pain relieving mixture! I have a huge passion for helping others, and being able to help someone with lowering their pain, that’s huge!! I look forward to your order and support! Message me about any questions you may have!