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There are so many different CBD lotion companies out there but none that are quite like BJolly! Most companies use a high quality CBD Isolate, which is great it’s not the best. That’s why at BJolly we use extremely High Quality Cannabis/Hemp Roots!! That’s one difference between BJolly and the rest:) plus all the love and jolly vibes I have when I’m making your Formula! 
I focus on using the finest Cannabis/Hemp Roots! The roots have so many pain relief benefits besides just CBD. One compound within the roots is friedelin. Friedelin is an amazing anti inflammatory and wonderful at reducing your pain!! Bringing awareness about the roots is what I’m all about! 
Another amazing thing that separates BJolly is we are made to order! Such a high quality product that is completely customizable to fit your needs! From the dose to the essential oils you would like, it’s all custom to fit your needs. Hence so many different choices! So when you order is when I make your formula:) that guarantees the absolute freshest lotion for you and the highest quality product I can produce! 
I do everything myself so I personally guarantee nothing but the best BJolly Lotion for YOU!!
Refer to our recommendation page to find the perfect formula for you!
Below is a picture of the roots in a batch of Lotion!


Everything is made with nothing but Love and Jolly Vibes and the highest quality ingredients:) handmade by me for your pain relief needs!! 

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