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Certificate Of Analysis!

Below you will find 3 test results, from 3 of our Best Formulas! 

Bjolly Lotion - 1oz 1k Formula -.pdf.png.jpeg

The 1oz 1K Formula!

This Formula is wonderful for all general soreness, tight muscles and so many different skin issues! 

CA24052803-1 Bjolly Lotion - 4oz 42k Formula -.pdf.png.jpeg

4oz 42K Formula!

This formula is WILD! So strong and in a 4oz Jar this will last you awhile forsure!

Bjolly Lotion - 2.5oz 20k On The Go -.pdf.png.jpeg

20K On The Go Formula!

This is such a Convenient way to apply BJolly Lotion formula and with 20,000mg of CBD in this 2.5 oz Container….this will help get you Feeling Jolly!

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