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4oz 40K Formula!

4oz 40K Formula!

This is the Worlds Strongest Formula, and now in a 4oz Jar!!!

This formula is equivalent to the 1oz 10K formula per ounce strength!

Except this 4 times the amount since it’s in a 4oz jar!!

And just like the 2oz 20K except it is double the volume:)

Basically I see orders coming in buying multiples of those formulas… I wanted to create this product so you only need 1 jar!

This will last you a lot longer than the 1oz or 2oz Jars and still bring you the Worlds Strongest Formula Pain Relieving effects!!

So instead of buying 4 1oz 10K s for 600, you now can buy this Formula for a fraction of the cost with all the amazing value that’s unmatched!!

Use the code JOLLY to save a little:) your welcome!! I love and appreciate your support a ton!!

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