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He’s the best son a Mom could ever want! His products are made with pure Love and inspiration from his sweet daughter!! Love you Son!


Cindy R.

I’ve been using BJolly Lotion since the very beginning of the company! My body loves the relief after a long day, plus I use it before my workouts too! The sugar cookie smells soooo good!


Jeff I.

Tore my hamstring and couldn’t walk without a limp. Bjolly allowed me to be able to get some sleep and walk without immense pain. My mother uses this to ease her sciatica pain, my wife uses bjolly to get through the aches of competitive bodybuilding and my son uses it the day after football games. Our entire family is thankful for bjolly


Arlene Maes

My sister recommended this and I’m so glad she did! I’ve tried numerous other lotions and this is the best for true pain relief. So grateful to have found a product that really works for me. Love all the scents I’ve tried so far and they are never overwhelming, they are just right.

I really love the 10K! It often helps head off muscle spasms when I team it up with my Thermalon heat packs. Truly a wonderful product, Keep up the great work! I really love the lip balms too! Thankful for your hard work and hope your business continues to grow!


Carrol Wiggins

BJolly is really just the best! Pre workout I use it on my shoulders ( I have 7 screws in one shoulder) to alleviate any stiffness or ROM issues during warmup and afterwards I hit the sauna to open those pores with the pump I have going on. Very seldom do I experience extreme soreness post workouts. At night I even use it on my face to moisturize my skin and help with wrinkles( after all I’m 67 years old) it’s great when I’m out in the sun too long. Also right now I’m using it on my busted foot and it helps with the pain as well! The lip balm is great, I use it everyday to keep my lips soft and moisturized. Needless to say I love my BJolly Lotion 10,000mg Formula! Do I recommend it OH HELL YEAH!

BJolly has multi uses and last a long time! I will be reordering soon thanks for a great product! Oh by the way even with the busted foot I go to the gym 5x week! Getting it Done!! 


Travis Martin

Bret makes the absolute best CBD products.  We use them every day and recommend them to everyone with aches and pains.

Thanks Bret for keeping my joints moving under the daily strain and stress. Would recommend!! 


Peter Goodman

BJolly has been great relief for me for minor soreness to injuries. I have really loved this product. I have shared it with friends whom has asked me to buy them more. I recently bought a lotion for a friend that was in a motorcycle accident, and this has provided him relief. I have started off small using the 1000mg and had instant relief. Bret has been quick to fill orders and willing to respond to emails in a timely matter! Great customer service!!!
Thanks for the great support! Would recommend!!


Chris Burroughs

I recently bought the Bjolly lotion sample to see if it would work. Once I received the lotion it was instant relief on my neck and shoulder. All I did was pinch a nerve in my neck that traveled down to my arm. It was uncomfortable to sleep and do my job as plumber and do activities with my daughter. I couldn’t even raise my arm over my head. I tried a bunch of neck stretches, icy-hot, and lidocaine patches, but they did not work. But once I put the Bjolly sample lotion on, I swear the pain went away almost instantly.  Couldn’t believe how fast it worked. Definitely will be ordering more once I get back in the grove of playing softball tournaments on the weekends again.


Michael Nelson

Bought the 1oz 5K for my sister in law that has bad knees. She tried about all the other pain creams on the market with no relief for the pain. She tried a little dab of BJolly and within 5 minutes she said she was pretty much pain free and the spasms she gets had gone away. Thanks Bret for your awesome product!!!


Candi Pearce

What can I say BJolly is MAGIC!!!! The best thing I’ve found to ease pain in 5-10mins & smells AMAZING!!!! Started with the 2000 Lavender & moving on up💛 Just bought some for my mom & have recommended it to family & friends as well.  So glad to have met you. Life Changer!!! Keep doing your  thing my friend 🤙🏼 Would recommend!!


Aaron McLean

Bjolly is absolutely the best CBD product I've ever come across. Due to a crushing injury of the left hand I had to have surgical repair. I used Bjolly daily throughout recovery. It really helped me push through physical therapy, and I was fully recovered weeks ahead of what was I was told to expect. Besides injury treatment, I use Bjolly daily as part of my recovery plan for weight lifting and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. A great product to use daily, and a little goes a very long way!

Would recommend!

I can’t wait to hear your testimony!! On the home page scroll down to the reviews section and enter your review there!! I’ll be able to post it after you submit it!! Thank you!! 

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